This is the personal webpage of Tom Conti-Leslie.

I am a full-stack software developer at Luminance in Cambridge, UK, and former project manager for Nightline France, a charity working for better mental health support and advocacy for students in higher education in France. Before that, I was an undergraduate at the University of St Andrews, where I obtained an MMath (first class) in mathematics.

On this website you’ll find my CV, as well as some blog posts concerning some of my interests. At university, I served as director of St Andrews Nightline, and I was also a band member of Ukelear Fusion. I wrote some code to help me play weird chords on the ukulele; check out my ThatChord project on GitHub.

Want to learn more about me in one click? Play link roulette here! You’ll get sent somewhere on the internet. Everything you’ll land on is my work in some way or another, unless otherwise obvious.